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Do you like to hurt?? I do I do

Than hurt me than hurt me

And It Hurts...
1 January 1989
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Love What is it? a feeling of total control over another when they give you their heart and trust you with it, or something so beautiful it cant be described in words? Can one trully be in love in high school? Can you be in love if the other person doesn't love you? or is love a mutual feeling that has to be of two feelings come together to make something so pure? Or does love not even exsist. Do we just portray the image of love and infect the feeling and the idea on people that they have to love; with all those movies and music everyone plays. can love be just a misunderstading? maybe we're just like every other animal only here to mate and leave, theres no feelings in between...maybe we are of higher species and we understand more than them that we can love and love is too much for them to comprehend. Maybe they understand that love is pointless and leads to pain so why do it when you can just mate?
or is love so beautiful that all fair creatures of the earth feel it for another, some just cant bear the feeling of such a short life with their partners, so they wait until death and join together.. Or is love like death inevitable nomatter how hard we try someone takes our heart maybe we have to love to keep going to have a reason to stay here and a reason to care for others feelings? and does death really do us part...maybe thats when we feel the most extent of love when one person departs, and the other is weighted down from both feelings together and can barely stand up straight; with so much weight on his back from the feeling the other left behind. Does someone really take a part of you when they have your heart? or do they take the bad and give you something new. Do you change when you love to better fit the person you are with? and if you do why would you if the other fell in love with you for the person you are? you would love each other forever if you stayed the same or maybe if both of you change and you change for what they want and they change for what you want makes love forever. or if you just choose to stay the same its would stay the same.but if love stays the same it isnt love because love is endless. But if your in love and you say you'll do anything for them would you change for them? or Would you expect them to love you for who you are and not ask you to? but if you so say you love them than you wouldnt think twice of the change. because you know your in love and they wouldn't do anything to harm you and it makes them love you more. And when your in love what is more beautiful sex or holding hands? and if your in love what would be better making out or just sitting on the bed gazing into their eyes? or maybe you just want to show them you care more and to show them you want to have sex and symbolize how much you care. but if its that important that you think you need to show them just show them by holding onto them forever...isn't the feeling when you watching a movie and your holding hands and at the same moment you both squeeze each others hand so much better of a feeling than when your pleasured by the other person? and wouldn't things like coming to school with the same colored shirt on, the jeans she bought you and the neckelas you bought her a better feeling of happiness than when she gives you head? Or the feeling of when she calls you just to say goodnight and when you make her smile just to call and say goodmorning? how about the feeling of sharing a sunset together at the beach rather than watching it alone and than see her face and gazing back at it and the sunset has lost all its beauty because of her face? Wouldn't that be such a better love than sex love or maybe im full of shit all I know is I want to fall head over heals bend over backwards smiling every second im in with her and time freezing while we kiss in love... how about you?

Maybe theirs just too many possibilities to trully know so we pick and choose what we want The "Hopeless Romantics" Fall in love and experience all its great joy, and all its great pain... while the "players" feel nothing and its better for them. Maybe the reason why we can't trully understand each other is because, if someone tells you something in their life something that they feel they trust you with the power to make them feel better or make them feel worse. are any of us capable of that much responsibility? To have the power to brake or make someone? can you withstand that kind of pressure or do you not care? Do you not care to fix them? So when your in love and you understand them as much as you can. You have the power to destroy them destroy their whole entire soul. their whole reason to live. If you brake them than it makes it all your fault all your fault their smile is shattered. ALL YOUR FAULT THEY WAKE UP AND SAY'ANOTHER DAY ANOTHER REASON TO DIE. would you want to be souly responsible for something like that? what if that person was suppose to cure cancer? or cause world peace and because you couldnt handle the responsibility to fix them now we all live in hell. Or do you make yourself feel better by saying it wasn't my responsibility to in the first place.Or maybe by destroying their spirit you made them the person they were suppose to be. A great writer of love stories with tragic endings... or poems that hurt everytime you read its like the writer is stabbing you with his/her pen.. what if you caused such a great thing. you would still feel like shit because it was your fault that. he/she is broken...and knowing that, would your life be over too? knowing you left the person breathless on the floor when you could've breathed air into their lungs.. knowing that would it brake you too? would both of you forever be broken just because of love...is that a chance your willing to take...Is someones feelings one your willing to bet on. Is that persons heart something your willing to sacrafise if so...YOUR NOT IN LOVE..... Being in love you would do the opposite let them bet your heart let them sacrafise your spirit and trusting that they wont hurt it.....too many possibilites..... Maybe we're all in love just some love more than others..all i know is i want to love and to be loved.... So someone take my heart i trust you fully!!

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